Developer Learning Pathway

Our Developer learning pathway, planned for launch in 2022, will build upon the fundamentals covered in Moodle Plugin Development Basics. The pathway will help PHP developers to get familiar with Moodle development essentials in order to contribute to Moodle’s open-source community. If you’re an existing Moodle developer you’ll refresh and deepen your overall understanding of Moodle plugin architecture and design. A combination of self-paced courses will be available, along with live webinar events. As you complete each course you'll earn a badge! Mix and match courses and events to suit your interests and expertise. 


At Beginner level your learning will focus on basic development tasks, covering topics such as:

  • Setting up a Moodle development environment.
  • Moodle’s modular architecture and plugin types.
  • HTTP request handling in Moodle.
  • Essentials of user input and output processing in Moodle.
  • Files structure of a simple demo plugin.

Find out about our Moodle Plugin Development Basics self-paced course.


At Intermediate level you will expand your Moodle development skill set and reflect upon development practices. In the near future we will offer topics such as:

  • Understanding the HTML output rendering in Moodle.
  • Cross-DB compatible queries against Moodle SQL database.
  • Moodle page layout and site navigation APIs.
  • Quality assurance with Behat and PHPUnit testing.
  • JavaScript / ES6 modules in Moodle.
  • Accessible development practices.


At Advanced level, as an experienced Moodle Developer, you will learn how to manage release cycles and use advanced coding techniques. In the near future we will offer topics such as:

  • Integrating Moodle with external systems via Web Services.
  • Authentication and access control, roles and permissions, guest access.
  • Moodle’s in-built web security mechanisms.
  • XMLDB, installation and upgrade APIs, database scheme changes.
  • Files storage and serving API in Moodle

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Get Involved!

We welcome community members to help:

  • Present webinars to an audience of other Moodlers.
  • Work with us to create and facilitate short online courses.

As we develop the Moodle Academy we are keen to hear what you want to learn about in our webinars and courses. 

Get Involved! and share your thoughts.

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