Our Moodle Administrator learning pathway builds upon the fundamentals covered in Moodle Admin Basics. The pathway takes you from your first steps managing a basic Moodle or MoodleCloud site, to confident proficiency in all aspects of site administration. 

You can ​​mix and match courses to suit your interests, expertise and availability. Take a comprehensive self-paced program or select individual short courses. Join our live webinar events to learn more and have your questions answered by our expert presenters.

If you're new to Moodle, we suggest you begin with our Introduction to Moodle course, before working through the beginner courses.


At Beginner level your learning will focus on how to manage users and courses from within the admin interface including:

  • Customising your site’s look and feel.
  • Giving users access to your site and courses.
  • Creating and organising courses.
  • Making the most of your site’s features.


At Intermediate level you will learn to configure Moodle core features, plugins and certified integrations, with consideration of relevant laws, policies and standards. We offer topics such as:


At Advanced level, as an experienced Moodle Administrator, you will learn how to manage large Moodle environments and integrate with external systems.  In the near future we will offer topics such as:

  • Upgrading Moodle.
  • Performance and scalability.
  • Integration with external systems.

Get Involved!

We welcome community members to help:

  • Present webinars to an audience of other Moodlers.
  • Work with us to create and facilitate short online courses.
  • Translate Moodle Academy courses into more languages.

As we develop the Moodle Academy we are keen to hear what you want to learn about in our webinars and courses. 

Get Involved! and share your thoughts.

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