Educator Learning Pathway

Our Educator learning pathway takes you from your very first steps into teaching with Moodle to being certified as an expert Moodle Educator and Instructional Designer. You will do this using a combination of mini learning modules and longer self-paced courses, along with live events such as webinars. Mix and match courses and events to suit your interests and expertise. 

Our global community is multilingual and we aim to be multilingual too.


At Beginner level your learning will focus on the practical aspects of using Moodle tools, including:

  • Creating a course appropriate to your learners.
  • Understanding the main Moodle activities, resources and blocks.
  • Assignments and other graded activities.
  • Self-graded tasks with Quiz and H5P.

Find out about our Moodle Teaching Basics self-paced course.


At Intermediate level you will explore online teaching practices, including:

  • Designing accessible, inclusive courses.
  • Engaging your learners.
  • Formative and summative assessment.
  • Encouraging self-regulated learning.

Find out about our Moodle Teaching Next Level self-paced course.


At Advanced level, as an experienced Moodle Educator, you will have an opportunity to expand your skills and:

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Get Involved!

We welcome community members to help:

  • Present webinars to an audience of other Moodlers.
  • Work with us to create and facilitate short online courses.

As we develop the Moodle Academy we are keen to hear what you want to learn about in our webinars and courses.

Get Involved! and share your thoughts.

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