Our Educator learning pathway is for teachers and instructional designers. It takes you from your very first steps of teaching with Moodle to being prepared for entry to the Moodle Educator Certification program, where you can become certified as an expert Moodle Educator.

You can ​​mix and match courses to suit your interests, expertise and availability. Take comprehensive self-paced programs or select individual short courses. Join our live webinar events to learn more and have your questions answered by our expert presenters.

For each course you complete, you'll earn a badge! Certificates of completion are available for a small fee when you complete a program.

If you're new to Moodle, we suggest you begin with our Introduction to Moodle course, before working through the beginner courses.


At Beginner level your learning will focus on the practical aspects of using Moodle tools, including:

  • Creating a course appropriate to your learners.
  • Understanding the main Moodle activities, resources and blocks.
  • Assignments and other graded activities.
  • Self-graded tasks with Quiz and H5P.


At Intermediate level you will explore online teaching practices that engage the learner, including:

  • Designing accessible, inclusive courses.
  • Formative and summative assessment.
  • Encouraging self-regulated learning.


At Advanced level you will expand your skills to streamline teaching practices, especially with large groups. In the near future we will offer topics such as:

  • Gradebook in detail.
  • Branching activities.
  • Groups and groupings.

Already have experience teaching with Moodle?

Get certified and demonstrate your digital competence as an educator using the Moodle platform.

Our global community is multilingual and we aim to be multilingual too. Our courses are available in languages other than English. You can help translate our courses into your language.

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