Moodle Academy April Highlights

Moodle Academy April Highlights

by Sandra Matz -
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Find out what's new and upcoming on Moodle.Academy, the learning hub for the global Moodle Community.

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Certify your skills with the MEC program

Have you taught with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace™ ? Have you already completed a Moodle course on Moodle Academy or training with a Certified Partners and Service Provider? If so, then consider certifying your skills with the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program. The program has been significantly revised for 2024, with both content and assessment types being updated to take into account the impact of AI in education. Our Partner translators are now working on updating the content so candidates can continue to take the certification in languages other than English. Now is a great time to take the Are you ready for the MEC? Quiz and join us to become a more accomplished, effective, and quality-focused professional! 

What’s coming up in April?


What is the MEC? - 10 April, 10:00 UTC.

This informational webinar is suitable for anyone interested in knowing more about the Moodle Educator Certificate or MEC. The MEC offers educators the opportunity to advance their careers by demonstrating their expertise in teaching with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace. It aligns with the European Framework for Digital Competences for Educators (DigCompEdu) and focuses on enhancing the quality of education provided. Register for the webinar.

Using AI tools to create primary school Moodle content - 24 April, 12:00 UTC.

In this webinar, we will welcome Dr Alexandros Kofteros, Teacher, EU CodeWeek.Ambassador. One of the challenges of using Moodle to create courses for students to interact with, is the time required for the teacher to gather quality, licence-free resources for use in teaching, on an almost weekly, if not also daily, basis. At this session, Alexandros will focus on using AI tools to create content to support primary school students (ages 11 - 12) in various subjects. Alexandros will create audio, graphics and text to support teaching of Language, Environmental Education and Mathematics, including presentations for each subject. Register for the webinar.

What’s New in Moodle 4.4 - 2 May, 13:00 UTC.

In this webinar you will learn about the new features of Moodle 4.4 for administrators and teachers. This webinar is part of the course 'What's New in Moodle 4.4' that will launch on this same date. You have to be enrolled in the course to join the webinar. Register for the webinar.

Courses and programs

The Moodle Academy team is working on some upcoming courses that will be available soon:

  • ‘Creating a TinyMCE plugin’ - including migrating Atto plugins to TinyMCE.

  • ‘What’s New in Moodle 4.4’ - to be launched on the 2nd May. Learners will be able to earn a badge as admin and/or as teacher.

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