Moodle Academy February Highlights

Moodle Academy February Highlights

by Sandra Matz -
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Find out what's new and upcoming on Moodle.Academy, the learning hub for the global Moodle Community.

Moodle Academy offers free, online Moodle training for educators, workplace trainers, administrators and developers from Moodle experts around the world. Attend live webinars, watch past webinars, complete courses and enrol in programs.

Certify your skills with the MEC program

Have you taught with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace™? Have you already completed a Moodle course on Moodle Academy or training with a Certified Service Provider? If so, then consider certifying your skills with the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program. The program has recently been significantly revised, with both content and assessment types being updated to take into account the impact of AI in education. Our Partner translators are now working on updating the content so candidates can continue to take the certification in languages other than English. Now is a great time to take the Are you ready for the MEC? quiz!

What’s new?

Another new Moodle developer intermediate level course has been released:

JavaScript (ESM) in Moodle course is now available. In this course learners will gain an understanding of using Javascript in Moodle. The course will introduce the JavaScript development toolchain and provide learners with an opportunity to write effective JavaScript modules for Moodle. Learners will also learn about the different ways of using JavaScript in Moodle, such as in PHP code, AJAX, web services and Mustache templates. Register for the course.

What’s coming up in February?


Upgrading a Large Moodle Site - 21 February, 8:00 UTC.

In this webinar, Cameron Ball, Senior Architect at Catalyst IT, will cover Catalyst's approach for upgrading the largest Moodle in the Southern Hemisphere from 3.9 to 4.1, including codebase audit strategy and techniques, database audit strategy and techniques, and data and configuration migration strategy and techniques. Register for the webinar.

Courses and programs

Moodle Developer Skills program and certificate is set to launch in February.

This free program of short courses is designed to help you better understand the concepts of Moodle development. Courses in this program focus on database access, page layouts, using JavaScript, Moodle app compatibility and secure Moodle development practices.

Once you complete all the courses you will receive a badge for completing the program. You can also choose to purchase a certificate of completion.

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