Moodle Academy January Highlights

Moodle Academy January Highlights

by Sandra Matz -
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Find out what's new and upcoming on Moodle.Academy, the learning hub for the global Moodle Community.

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What’s new?

New beginner level course available: Introduction to Moodle for Learners

This beginner level course introduces participants to some of the basic features of Moodle from the perspective of a learner. Participants will learn:

  • The basics of navigating around Moodle;
  • How to edit your Moodle profile to personalise your experience;
  • Some common Moodle activities and resources;
  • How to receive notifications and messages; and
  • How to track your progress.

You can now enrol for the course.

What’s coming up in January?


Generative AI and H5P - 18 January 2024, 9:00 UTC.

In this webinar we are delighted to welcome Svein-Tore Griff With, the founder of H5P, to take us through the process of creating H5P content in a fraction of the time it used to take with the help of generative AI. Svein-Tore will demonstrate how you can create fully fledged interactive courses in minutes with H5P. Register for the webinar.

Improving Moodle through UX research and data analysis - 25 January, 10:00 UTC.

In this webinar we will welcome Eliot Hoving and Stuart Lamour at UCL.

This webinar will outline the methods of UX and data analysis used at UCL and the results. It will further show how these methods can be adapted at other institutions looking to improve their Moodle. Register for the webinar.

Courses and programs

Two new Moodle developer intermediate level courses will be released this month:

Access Control and Security in Moodle course will be available from mid January.

This intermediate-level Moodle security course is designed to equip developers with the skills to identify, understand, and mitigate common security vulnerabilities in Moodle code. The course covers writing secure code using Moodle's APIs, fixing security vulnerabilities, and procedures for reporting and fixing security issues. The course is ideal for developers looking to enhance their understanding of Moodle security and improve the security of Moodle plugins.

Javascript in Moodle course is currently in development and will be available towards the end of January.

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