Moodle Academy July Highlights

Moodle Academy July Highlights

by Sandra Matz -
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Find out what's new and upcoming on Moodle.Academy, the learning hub for the global Moodle Community.

Moodle Academy offers free, online Moodle training for educators, workplace trainers, administrators and developers from Moodle experts around the world. Attend live webinars, watch past webinars, complete courses and enrol in programs.

What’s new?

Moodle.Academy has been updated to Workplace 4.4

The Moodle Admin Basics program and videos are updated to 4.4 and available now.

The Moodle Admin Skills program and videos are updated to 4.4.

The Moodle Teaching Basics and Skills programs and videos are being updated currently to 4.4 and will be available by mid July.

MoodleMoot Global 2024 provisional program available

The provisional program for our upcoming MoodleMoot Global conference on 22-24 October in Mérida, México, has been published on the event website.

We would like to thank the whole community for their great contributions to the program. All accepted presenters must register by 16th July if they want to remain in the program.

What’s coming up in July?

MoodleMoot Global 2024

Early bird registration coming up! 16th July

Remember to register by the deadline of 16th July (UTC-6) to benefit from a 20% discount! Registered attendees can book a free place to attend their preferred Jam events (limited places available).


Improving Course Quality with Templates - Thurs 18th July, 8:00 UTC

This webinar will cover an in-depth exploration of how organisations can ensure high quality of their courses through the strategic use of course templates. It is addressed to educators, administrators or stakeholders seeking practical strategies to enhance course quality through the use of templates, while also providing essential event details and a clear call-to-action. Register for the webinar.

Designing for Dopamine - Getting Students Hooked on Learning - Wed 31st July, 1:30am UTC

In this session, Lindy Klein will offer participants the opportunity to explore what exactly is dopamine, and how does it impact the ability of our students to learn; what can we as educators learn from the world of app design, particularly in terms of creating an “ethical addiction” to learning; and what are the features of a course designed to hook students on learning, and how can platforms such as Moodle help us implement them. Find out more and register for the webinar.

Courses and programs

Moodle Teaching Basics and Skills programs and videos are currently being updated to 4.4 and will be available mid-July.

Find out more and register for free at Moodle Academy!