Content Translation plugin

The content translation plugin set is a set of plugins that enable in-line translation of content in a Moodle site or course. The plugin set allows users to provide translations for content which is not translated by language packs (see below for more information).

The plugin set is used on the Moodle Academy site, with permissions given to users who complete the 'Translate Moodle Academy' course (see below for more information).

The content translation plugins can be downloaded from the Moodle plugins database for use in your own Moodle sites - you need both the plugins from the set for this plugin to work on your site.

Download the plugins:

Translate Moodle Academy course

The Translate Moodle Academy course gives Moodle users an overview of all aspects of Moodle translations, as well as introducing them to the content translation plugin set which is used on Moodle Academy. By completing the course, users will earn a 'Translate Moodle Academy' course badge and be given permissions to use the plugin set to translate content on the Moodle Academy site.

The Moodle Academy team welcomes all community members who are willing and able to translate Moodle Academy course content.


Translating User-Generated Content

Translate Moodle Academy


Moodle Languages Packs

Moodle Language Packs are community maintained user interface translations that can be installed on Moodle sites. User interface translations include menu items, buttons, help text and other user interface items used across a Moodle site, which is not course content. The Moodle languages site includes tools and information relating to Moodle interface translations.

On the site you will find:

  • AMOS (Automated Manipulation Of Strings) - a central repository of Moodle terms and phrases ('strings') where community members can contribute translations of these strings. 
  • Information about language packs.
  • Translation forums.