The Moodle Academy team

Federico Astorga

Federico Astorga

UX Designer

Federico comes from a background as website designer for a business school and various agencies and clients around Spain.

He studied in a UX/UI program at Ironhack in Barcelona, and also worked as a teacher at the same school and gives talks and workshops on introduction to user experience to different audiences.

Mary Cooch

Education Manager
United Kingdom

A languages teacher since 1985, Mary first began teaching with Moodle in 2006 and joined Moodle HQ in 2013.

Mary holds a Masters in Blended and Online Education, and as Education Manager, developed courses on the original Learn Moodle site as well as the Moodle Educator Certification program.

She creates and voices Moodle tutorials and Release videos.


Víctor Déniz

Víctor Déniz


Víctor Déniz is an engineer working for Moodle since 2018 as a developer and integrator. Víctor has a web and database development background as part of the IT Department of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he led the integration between Moodle and the student and academic information systems. He has recently focused on CI/CD, DevOps and Containerization.

Víctor holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Jessica Gramp

Moodle Community Manager

Jessica has been working with Moodle since 2004. She worked at University College London as a Learning Technologist and E-Learning Advisor for over 10 years; volunteered and worked with the Moodle Users Association; and led the delivery of the Online Course Production Service at the University of Edinburgh.

Jessica holds a Master of Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh; a Master of Project Management from the University of Southern Queensland; and a Bachelor of Multimedia from Griffith University.

Jessica is an advocate of accessible teaching practices.


Anna Krassa

Education Advisor

Anna graduated from the Department of Librarianship and Information Science and has been working with Moodle since 2005. She first collaborated with the Inquiry Team of the Greek School Network at the University of Macedonia, where she was initiated to Open Source Software and Asynchronous eLearning.

In 2006, she started working with HRD New Zealand Moodle Certified Partner and GAC Corporate Academy (Dubai) as an elearning consultant. In 2019 she obtained her Masters of Education in Distance Education from Athabasca University. A year later she joined Moodle HQ as MEC Coordinator and started working with Moodle Academy and MoodleNet.


Richard Lefroy

Learning & Media Technologist

Richard joined Moodle in January 2022 after 15 years working in the higher education sector at Murdoch University, Western Australia.

His role as a learning technologist has given him extensive experience advising and supporting academic and professional staff to get the most out of Moodle in a teaching and learning context.  

Richard is a graduate of Murdoch University, where he completed a degree in Multimedia.


Sandra Matz

Sandra Matz

Educational Events Coordinator

Sandra joined Moodle in March 2022 after 4 years working in the Conferences and Events Team at the Biochemical Society, a non-profit organisation in the scientific educational field based in the UK.

Sandra holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Administration from Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and a Masters in Public Management from the School of Public Management of Catalonia. Discovering her passion about events and education, in 2017 she completed a Masters in Events Management and Institutional Relations from the International School of Protocol. In early 2023 she completed the PowerMBA in Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Innovation and Digital Transformation.


Aya Saad

Aya Saad


Aya is a Developer in the Moodle Community team. Aya joined Moodle HQ in May 2022 after 5 years working on setting up Moodle instances, doing customisations and developing plugins to schools, training companies and Universities around the middle-east area. 

Aya is a graduate of Cairo University in Egypt, where she completed a degree in computer science and information systems.

Rajneel Totaram

Developer Educator

Rajneel joined the Moodle Academy Team in January 2022. Based in Fiji, he comes with a wealth of experience in using Moodle LMS as a student, teacher, administrator and developer. Rajneel has worked in the higher education sector for over 15 years. He taught at The University of the South Pacific (USP) for over 5 years and then worked as the Learning Systems Developer at USP for 10 years.

Rajneel holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and a User Experience Certification (UXC) from the Nielsen Norman Group.