Celebrating Moodle Academy’s first birthday!

Moodle Academy, the learning hub for the global Moodle community, is turning one! Since its launch in August of 2021, Moodle Academy has established itself as the global home for Moodle’s learning opportunities.

Moodle Academy launched with a series of interactive webinars on key topics about making the most of Moodle.  Since that time, it has steadily grown, with free, new and improved learning pathways available to educators, developers and administrators.

Moodle Academy 1st birthday key achievements

 3 Learning pathways + General courses

 4 Programs of courses

 45 Courses launched

 14,000+ Registered users

 19 Webinars run

 30,500+ Webinar recording views

 5500+ Course badges issued

 60 Program certificates awarded

  Translation plugin launched

  31 Translators & 15 languages


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