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  • What is the MEC?

    The Moodle Educator Certification, or MEC, is Moodle's own certification program for experienced educators who have taught with Moodle for at least one year.

    The MEC is NOT a training program and is not for those new to Moodle. If you haven't used Moodle before, we recommend you explore our Educator Learning Pathway and investigate training offered by our Certified Service Providers.

    The MEC program consists of six courses based on the 22 competences of the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu)

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    • Are you ready for the MEC?

      Now you understand what the MEC is and what the requirements are, why not try this short quiz (15 questions) to check if you have the skills and experience to get certified. You need at least 50% to be considered for the MEC, and you can take the quiz twice.

      Note that to take this quiz you must first register on this site and enrol in this course.

      If you don't obtain 50% first time, you will have to wait 6 months to retake the quiz. This is to allow you time to do more training and gain more experience. 

    • MEC: Where to go from here?

      Based on your score in the quiz, we'll give you more information to help you get certified.