Wednesday, September 18, 2024


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Wednesday, September 18, 12:00 » 13:00

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Event overview

At this webinar, we will welcome Tim Hunt, Senior Developer at the Open University.

This talk will be divided in two sections, a theoretical part and a practical part. Tim will start by talking about what is most important in our use of Moodle: teaching and learning. Considering what is known about how education works, when can computer-marked question be a good thing to include in your course, and which ways of using them are likely to be most effective?

After establishing how quizzes can contribute to good course design in general, Tim will then talk about some of the features of the Moodle quiz and question bank which let you realise those ideas in practice. However, when implementing technology in schools and universities, it must work for the people involved, in the time they have available, and the institution must be able to administer that use at large scale. Therefore, to be effective, software like Moodle must balance the educational needs with other requirements.

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