Thursday, 13 April 2023


'Environmental awareness as a core digital competence' webinar

Thursday, 13 April, 08:00 » 09:00

The development of digital literacy and digital competencies are widely recognised as essential in our increasingly digitised world. However, as we begin to come to terms with the extent of the climate crisis facing the world, this webinar asks the question: is it time for digital literacy to focus its attention on the impact our digital activity has on the environment? 

Presenter Dr Peter Tiernan from Dublin City University will begin by examining popular digital tools and services used for entertainment and work purposes and highlight their environmental impact and potential mitigating factors. Following this, he will examine definitions of digital literacy to reveal a complex set of competencies which, as yet do not engage with the environmental impact of our activity. The speaker will then examine widely used digital literacy frameworks and exposes their relative lack of engagement with the environmental impact of our digital lives.

Finally, he will urge further discussion on environmental impact as a component of digital literacy and propose ways to achieve this with his students, using the language of existing digital literacy definitions. And he will present the audience with a suggested framework addition which addresses these concerns.

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