Thursday, 2 February 2023


'Moodle offline - Reaching marginalised communities' webinar

Thursday, 2 February, 09:00 » 10:00

Inclusiv Education supports Save the Children projects in Low to Middle income countries around the world to reach even the most marginalised communities and provide them with education and professional development training. 

A key part of their strategy is to introduce their Inclusiv Learning Platform (iLP) and the iLP Box, that allows people to connect their devices (may it be laptops, tablets or phones) in an offline environment. The ILP Box has been configured for eLearning even when there is no internet or no electricity. They have installed Moodle as an offline Learning Management System, so children, teachers and parents can use either the browser or the app to connect to Moodle and access digital content. The signal the ILP Box emits works like a WiFi signal, even though the box is not connected with the internet.

So far, they have deployed the ILP Box in 3 different country projects in Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania, and during this webinar the presenters will be sharing their experiences with the challenges that they faced and the lessons they have learnt so far.

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