Wednesday, August 7, 2024


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Wednesday, August 7, 08:00 » 09:00

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Event overview

The Moodle Plugins directory contains over 2000 plugins developed and maintained by the Moodle community. Plugins go through some automated checks and peer-reviews by Plugins guardians before they get approved in the Plugins directory.

In this webinar, we will hear from Dan Marsden of Catalyst IT, NZ, who is a long-time Moodle Plugins guardian. This webinar covers the process that a plugin goes through when a developer submits their plugin to the Plugins directory, the checks that the plugin goes through, common mistakes made by plugin developers and what you can do to prepare your plugin for review. We will also cover how you can contribute to the review process by testing and reviewing other contributions to the Plugins directory.

Are you a developer or an administrator of a Moodle site? This webinar will be of interest to you.

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