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Discover how to create engaging eLearning courses, through a Community of Inquiry that leads to ownership of learning and metacognition. You will also be introduced to Data Curso, a system for instructional design.

This event is for Educators.

This course relates to the following competence(s):

1.4 Digital CPD

2.2 Creating and modifying digital resources

3.1 Teaching 

3.2 Guidance

4.1 Assessment strategies

5.2 Differentiation and personalisation

5.3 Actively engaging learners

Estimated learning time: 2 hours
Level: Beginner

This short course will introduce you to the ABC Learning Design, a rapid curriculum design method and will help you to understand how to run your own ABC workshops. 

This course relates to the following competence(s):

1.2 Professional collaboration

1.4 Digital CPD

Estimated learning time: 2.5 hours
Level: Beginner